10 ways for teens to make money

Teens these days are in a race to win in several aspects of life such as wanting to be rich, wanted to gain respect in society  and they are passionate to be successful in their life  and they want to start early. We were once like this and we know exactly how it feels as we have only achieved part of it in our thirties only while some of them have achieved that in twenties and there are few who has even done it in their forties. Lets see 10 ways for teens to make money in their road to success early on. Lets crack on.

                  10 Ways for teens to make money

We finally understood that teenagers have desires, but they lack the skills. If you’re a teenager and looking for ways to make money then read up as we mention 10 different ways for teens to make money for their daily living or go on building a successful career with couple of them. Let’s crack on!!!


1) Get a part-time job: Yes, you heard that right?  Life isn’t easy and making thousands of dollars a day is next to impossible as shown in some luxury videos or crash courses that are offered by so called “gurus”.  Don’t fall for it.  Nothing comes easier in life with out hard work.

Jobs are very valuable as they teach you a lot of stuff that you have not read in your college or school books. Instead of teaching you bookish knowledge  it teaches you and gives you an experience which comes very much handy for you to step up your career ladder.

Those of you, who are a bit more talented can land in a job in technical or professional fields which need professional education. End of the day, it is still worthy and you would not regret little that you tried.


ways for teens to make money
ways for teens to make money


2) Copywriting: We are in the digital age of content.  We are always looking for some information regarding one or other things which we don’t know.  Hence creating content is very much in demand and if you talented and passionate for writing you can choose that as your full time career as well by providing content to Blogs, News feeds etc. Don’t overlook it.



ways for teens to make money
ways for teens to make money


3) Buy and Resell:  Do you know that buying and reselling is a multi million dollar business?    People cash in on the the value that some people who don’t realize. If you play your cards right, you can be a successful  entrepreneur who can run and own a business.

4) Chores for neighbours:  There are jobs everywhere, you just need to understand what people need and  cater to their needs and they are willing to pay for those services. Find opportunities  that may need fixing, repairing, servicing etc.  that you can take care of and  then talk to them about the services you can offer such as painting walls, lawn mowing, cleaning. Yes, even though you may deny there are plenty of opportunities in that.


5) Tutoring:  If you’re good at something never do it for free, some one said that in a movie.         Do you know that there are plenty of tutoring opportunities for teaching a second grade kid maths, tutoring remotely on how to fix or troubleshoot your laptop? Parents are happy to pay you to tutor their kids to learn things. See, if you have one of those skills.


6) Photography: A hobby like Photography can truly be your life time career if you are passionate about it and apply some skills  which are relevant in respective fields such as modelling, Photo artist for magazine columns or even for private photo sessions for different occasions such as weddings, bachelor party etc.  I am sure you have come across one of beautiful pictures of your girl friend who wakes up to see her instagram profile every morning.   You just need to be little more professional and cleaner, thats all.


7) Editing video photo or audio:  You must have come across some of beautifully edited youtube videos and struck with awe !!!!  How have they done it. Even, sound and audio mixing  like your neighbourhood underdog musician. Some people do not have time or artistry to work on those things, hence there is a clear opportunity for you to fill in. Learn   that stuff in a professional way and offer your services for them.

Believe me, you can get paid a fortune for the level of your skills or mastery for this. If you see how well it fares, you can even start your own consultancy for the services. There is a well known market place for you to start which is known as Fiverr where services start from $5 and goes all the way up to 1000’s of $$$ based on your skill set.

You can start by registering on Fiverr here.


ways for teens to make money
ways for teens to make money


8) Babysitting and Pet Sitting:  One of the under valued  job/service is pet sitting. You are aware of baby sitting and how important it is for working household family. They need some one whom they can trust their kids with. The more trust you build and offer them peaceful and happy baby sitting sessions the more you get paid with tips.

I know this because i do this. Likewise, whom should i trust my pet dog with when i have a sudden trip to NewYork for a week or so, Huh?   Thats where you come in and my friend do not under estimate the opportunity here. You can even charge more for a posh locality, where all the rich people live in.  Do you get it?


9) Start a Blog:  It is not an underlying statement to say that starting a blog/website is in no way less than  starting your own business. I am not joking here, if you browse around and go through some videos around digital marketing, staring a blog etc. its endless possibilities out there by where you can start a blog -> build a brand -> monetise.   Start a blog  around a topic(niche) that you are passionate about.  Like the famous saying goes  “Choose the job which you are passionate about and you don’t have to work another day” .



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Note:  If you are starting a WordPress website, make sure you secure it using security plugin such as Wordfence, ithemes security. Here, you can read Wordfence Free vs Premium and how to convert a Free Wordfence plugin to a Premium version with a simple tweak.


10) Start Streaming or a YouTube channel:  I don’t think you have never even seen a youtube video. Although, it has become a saturated market you can still be successful by venturing into making a youtube videos and start monetising them. Although, as per the latest Youtube guidelines, you need at-least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watched content before you start monetise your content.  If you are willing to put in some efforts there are still lot of possibilities out there  including but not limited to   Twitch, IG TV and Facebook video as-well.  If you are new, go through this course to help you.


As shown above these are only 10 ways for teens to make money. There are plenty of other opportunities as-well. You just need to find where the need is. Good luck.







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